Recruiting Software Initiative — RSI

The HR Policy Association's Recruiting Software Initiative (RSI) was initiated to help the Association's membership better understand the new hiring and recruiting software solutions that have the ability to improve the efficiencies within the hiring and recruiting life-cycle.

Chair and Review Board
Talent acquisition leaders from 19 HR Policy member companies assembled to create the RSI Review Board. The Review Board is chaired by Stephanie Lundquist, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Target Corporation. The group has reviewed more than 30 vendors that offer platforms in this space, and they continue to gather information as new and updated solutions come to market.

The purpose of the RSI Review Board is to assist the Association’s membership in understanding the solutions being offered in this space.

The Review Board does not promote any one software solution over another. Instead, they assess each solution through the distinct lenses related to the application’s ability to adapt, mitigate unconscious bias, comply with labor regulations, exhibit successful integrations, justify outcomes, and demonstrate returns directly correlated to the vendor’s platform.

The Review Board awards Badges of Excellence to vendors that demonstrated innovative approaches to improving the ability of employers to identify, attract, evaluate and retain critically important talent.

If you have any questions about this work or how your company can get involved, contact Ani Huang, Senior Vice President with HR Policy Association (

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