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Special Fall Outlook Edition: HR Policies Across the Board, Led by Health Care, Are in the Balance in the November Election

August 28, 2012
Though this fall will bring few, if any, significant changes in HR policy, the outcome of the November elections will likely have the most profound effect on those policies of any election in memory.  The continuing restructuring of U.S. health care will depend in large part on which party controls the House, Senate and administration, but some or perhaps most elements of the Affordable Care Act seem likely to survive under any scenario.  In contrast, the election’s impact on labor and workplace regulation policies is far more predictable, and it will largely determine whether the aggressive policy changes and enforcement efforts by DOL, the NLRB, and the EEOC in the current administration will continue or even accelerate in a second Obama administration.  Executive compensation will remain in the crosshairs of policymakers regardless of the party in power, especially when tax reform is eventually taken up.  However, Republicans have expressed an interest in revisiting some of the more problematic aspects of Dodd-Frank, most notably the pay ratio disclosure requirement, should control of the Congress and White House move their way.  This special edition of This Week in HR Policy provides a brief overview of each of our priority policy areas, with projections on what will happen this fall and, more importantly, beyond.
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