With Trump Administration Focus on Where Work Is Being Located, CHROs Discover Jobipedia Demonstrates Their Commitment to Developing Talent in the U.S.

March 17, 2017

Several HR Policy members have embraced Jobipedia as a key part of their strategy to attract college students and early career job seekers, and a new benefit is emerging—the ability to demonstrate your company's commitment to growing jobs in the United States.  Jobipedia is a free career advice website for those seeking an internship or their first real job in the workforce.  Students and new entrants to the workforce can find answers to nearly any question related to internships, the job hunt or the first few months in a new career.  In 2016, the website hosted 2.1 million unique visitors, garnered 50,000 likes on Facebook and helped create over 600 resumes for interns and early career job seekers. But 2017 has brought new challenges.  The Trump administration is putting corporate hiring, recruiting and talent development policies and practices under a microscope.  The President is singling out companies for site location and skill development decisions.  He’s hosted meetings with corporate leaders to learn why companies are sending jobs overseas.  Your involvement with your peers in expanding the reach of Jobipedia is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to the U.S.  Cheryl Johnson, Executive Vice President, Human Resources at Textron, is the Chair of the Jobipedia Steering Committee.  She has put significant Textron resources behind Jobipedia with the intention to use the website as a fulcrum to elevate her and other HR Policy member companies' early career hiring and recruiting practices, as well as training entry-level hires.  Today, 30 HR Policy members are involved in Jobipedia, and she would like that number to increase.  A one-page overview illustrates the ways Jobipedia can support your talent acquisition, recruiting and early career hiring.  If you’re interested in becoming part of this good work, contact Mike McGuiness at 202-375-2793 or via email at mzmcguiness@hrpolicyfoundation.org.