UTC CEO Hayes Touts Carrier Agreement, Underscores Company’s Commitment to Meeting Future Skill Needs in the United States

December 09, 2016

In a long-ranging interview on CNBC this week, United Technologies CEO Greg Hayes described his discussions with President-elect Trump regarding the Carrier plant in Indianapolis, noting the company’s efforts to upgrade the skills of the American workforce generally.  Hayes recounted the call with Trump and the president-elect's pledges to make the country a lot more conducive to manufacturing by taking down the corporate tax rate and reducing burdensome manufacturing regulations.  Hayes recalls Trump saying, "I need you to re-look at your decision to close the factory in Indiana."  Reconfirming his own commitment to free trade, Hayes also emphasized how the ultimate solution for the United States is to have a workforce equipped with skills relevant to the work that needs to be done.  He noted his company's commitment to educating the workforce, saying, "The key here is not to be trained for the job today, our focus is how do you train people for the jobs of tomorrow.  I’ve talked about our employee scholar program, the fact that 45,000 people have been through our employee scholar program, 38,000 degrees, we’ve spent 1.2 billion over the last 20 years educating our workers, we have 7,000 people currently enrolled in this program, and the whole idea is to improve your own marketability, to improve your own skills because the skills that you have today are not the skills that are going to get you through tomorrow."