One Pundit’s Projection on Election Implications: “Greater Acrimony, More Extreme Positions”

November 02, 2018

Ahead of the elections next Tuesday (and our projection for what they could mean for employment policy issues), an op-ed in The Washington Post by Democratic strategist Doug Sosnick provides a sobering analysis of what the overall picture could look like.

Sosnik predicts “an already toxic political environment will become even more poisonous,” if that seems possible.  A whole new generation of Democratic House members will increase the pressure for a “more aggressive liberal policy agenda,” with the primary season pushing the party even further to the left.  Meanwhile, on the Republican side, “there will be more than 400 years of Republican seniority departing this Congress.”

A wave of investigations, public hearings and possible impeachment would be embraced by both parties “as a way to energize their respective bases for the upcoming election.”

Our take:  As a non-partisan policy organization, we neither embrace nor welcome Mr. Sosnick’s prediction.  Yet, if true, it will make the next two years even more challenging for those who are looking for the kind of cool, objective policymaking that our members hope for on our issues.  That, at least, is the approach our Association will be taking, along with the other stakeholders with whom we work closely.