HR Policy Urges Quick Appointments to Achieve Republican NLRB Majority

December 09, 2016

HR Policy joined over 130 other business groups this week on a letter to Vice President-elect Mike Pence urging him as head of President-elect Donald Trump's transition team "to quickly fill the two vacancies at the National Labor Relations Board with qualified experts."  Throughout the Obama administration, the NLRB has been one of the most controversial agencies.  The letter points out that, according to a new report by Littler's Workplace Policy Institute, the Board has "overturned an astounding total of 4,559 years' worth of long-standing precedent, blurred numerous bright-line tests, and dramatically overhauled the union election process – all in an effort to benefit organized labor."  Because the Board operates on a case-by-case basis, it will take some time for a new Board to restore balance, thus the urgency of filling the two vacancies, which would establish a 3-to-2 Republican majority.