HR Policy Launches Initiative to Evaluate HR Recruiting Software Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

December 15, 2017

With the marketplace now flooded with new recruiting software solutions incorporating artificial intelligence, HR Policy Association has created the Recruiting Software Initiative (RSI) to assist our members in determining which solutions are worthy of their consideration.  A key element in our evaluation will be determining the extent to which each mitigates unconscious bias. The Initiative is chaired by Stephanie Lundquist, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Target Corporation, who has brought together talent acquisition leaders from several member companies.  In the coming weeks, the Initiative will be developing an evaluation process and issuing a Request for Information to more than 60 vendors it has identified.  Among other criteria, the Initiative will determine which vendors (a) have the capacity to service HR Policy members, (b) have automated systems capable of accurately sorting large volumes of resumes to identify applicants meeting a company's criteria, (c) have a quality applicant experience, and (d) most importantly, mitigate unconscious bias in hiring and recruiting in their solution.  Ms. Lundquist said, "There is tremendous innovation happening today, yet there remains a lot of opportunity to build technology solutions that are responsive to the needs of large employers. We're looking for companies who can automate HR processes, manage large amounts of HR data, identify skills gaps in the workforce and eliminate unconscious bias that can happen when making HR decisions."  We will issue a press release on Monday, December 18th announcing this new initiative. To view that press release, visit here.  Mike McGuiness at would be pleased to respond to any questions or comments regarding RSI.