HR Policy Joins Letter Supporting Resolution that Would Bring DACA Legislation to Vote

April 20, 2018

The Coalition for the American Dream, of which the Association is a member, sent a letter to House members endorsing Rep. Jeff Denham's (R-CA) H. Res. 774, which if enacted would require the House to vote on several immigration proposals related to DACA.  The measure proposes to bring to the House floor the Securing America’s Future Act, the DREAM Act, the USA Act, and an immigration bill of Speaker Paul Ryan’s choice.  Under the resolution, the bill receiving the most votes over 218 would be passed by the chamber.  "It is vital," the letter reads, "that Congress act now to provide legal certainty for Dreamers and businesses, avoid a loss of valuable talent and significant disruptions in the American workforce, and ensure that these deserving young people can continue contributing to their communities and our economy."  The resolution currently has 239 cosponsors, including 49 Republicans.