Employers Increasingly Using “Returnships” for Workers

June 29, 2018

More companies, including a number of HR Policy members, are implementing “returnship” programs to attract and transition back into the workplace experienced talent that may have left the workforce for a few years to serve as a parent, caregiver, or military service member.

Returnships typically offer pay commensurate with a person’s experience and provide training and mentorship, helping participants updated their skills while reacquainting themselves with the culture and pace of the work environment.

The programs are helpful for increasing the age and gender diversity of an employer’s workforce.

Eighteen percent of employers have a returnship program in place, another 18 percent have made the decision to implement a program but have not yet launched one, and 23 percent are considering one, according to a recent Mercer survey.  Companies with more than 5,000 employees are more likely to offer the programs.

Why it matters: With talent shortages at a 12-year high and more job openings available than unemployed workers looking for work, employers are increasingly considering these programs to find and retain the talent they need to compete.