Companies in UK to Retrain One Million Workers in Exchange for Government Plan to Promote New Tech in Manufacturing

November 03, 2017

Responding to pressures created by the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and impending disruption by technologies such as artificial intelligence, the British government is expected to commit to promoting technological advancement in the manufacturing sector as employers pledge to retrain one million workers in five years.  The UK's industrial strategy, which will be released later this year, will very likely draw from a review created by employers and commissioned by the government that was released this week proposing the agreement.  Until then, the government's commitment levels will remain unknown.  Siemens UK CEO Juergen Maier, who led the review effort, said, "We will end up negotiating a figure.  But the commitment is that we will start building this and as time goes on we will develop it and co-invest and then invest more.  The industrial revolution didn't happen in one year."