Chief Human Resource Officers Chart Policy Agenda At Landmark 2017 Summit

March 17, 2017

HR Policy Association Chair Mirian Graddick-Weir, Executive Vice President, Human Resources for Merck & Co., Inc., set the tone for a momentous 2017 CHRO Summit saying, "With less than two months into the new Administration, it's certainly clear to me that these are no ordinary times and in many ways we are in uncharted waters; yet, as an Association, we have the opportunity to leverage our collective voice to influence and shape key policies and practices to ensure we can attract, engage and retain the right talent and strengthen the competitiveness of our companies."  Highlights included: 

  • American Health Policy Institute CEO Dr. Tevi Troy and the Association's health care team led an interactive discussion with the membership about the Association's objectives amidst a changing health care landscape and its impact on the future of employer-sponsored health benefits.   
  • It was also clear the membership continues to believe private sector efforts remain the best path toward reforming the system.  Health Transformation Alliance Chair L. Kevin Cox, Chief Human Resources Officer of American Express Company, led a briefing by the HTA team of the considerable progress by the initiative, noting, "Waiting for something to happen out of Washington has not been a great strategy; this is our opportunity to control our destiny, both for our companies and our employees." 
  • Workplace 2020 Initiative Chair Mara E. Swan, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent for ManpowerGroup, led an exploration of questions such as the future of various workplace regulations and how the business community can work with the President, citing the Workplace 2020 Initiative as the blueprint for the Association's lobbying objectives.     
  • Center On Executive Compensation Chair Pam Kimmet, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cardinal Health Inc., led a discussion of how CHROs can help add long-term value in their companies through a focus on linking incentive metrics with strategy and sustained value and the increasing focus being placed on environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics.  She noted that "investors are starting to look more closely at the alignment between incentives and business strategy and asking 'why' when they don’t see that alignment."

For a full report of the Summit and accompanying materials, click here