BEERG: UK's Conservative Manifesto Further Complicates Brexit Negotiations

May 19, 2017

In an analysis of the UK Conservative Party's Manifesto issued this week, BEERG notes that the Party's wish for a trade and customs deal that essentially retains single market membership while stripping out free movement of immigration "is a deal the EU simply will not offer."  Meanwhile, BEERG's recent Brexit Forum in London mapped the challenges ahead for businesses as the EU and UK look to establish an economic new normal while lacking consensus on both sides regarding what exactly that will look like.  Areas of particular concern include the ease of goods and services passing across EU-UK borders, data protection, access to labor, and customer reaction both in the EU and the UK when these difficulties take place.  BEERG staff also provided a look at the reasonable assumptions that businesses might be able to make amidst the uncertainty Brexit has brought to Europe, including the UK not having free access to the single market, limits to EU citizens moving to the UK (and vice versa), and possible border tariffs, among others.  To read this week's BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, click here.