BEERG: Over a Quarter of Permanent U.K. Residency Applicants Denied

March 03, 2017

Of the EU citizens who have applied for permanent residency in the U.K. since Brexit, 28 percent have had their applications rejected or declared invalid.  A spokesperson for the U.K.'s Home Department insists that, when not considering applications invalided for administrative reasons, the refusal rates have not changed since before Brexit.  However, the difficulty in filing such applications in relation to EU nations may have implications for future Brexit negotiations.  According to the most recent BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, "To apply for [permanent U.K.] residency, applicants must fill out an 85-page document and submit five years of supporting documents.  To put this in context, under the same EU law, the application for permanent residence forms in Ireland is 5 pages and is available free.  In Germany, it is 2 pages and costs €8, while it in the UK it is 85 pages, costing £65."  This disparity could complicate the process of striking a reciprocal deal between the U.K. and the EU on guaranteeing their respective citizens’ residency rights, per BEERG's commentary.  You can read the full newsletter here