BEERG: Brexit Woes Continue as UK Government Neglects Potential Barriers to EU Trade

June 08, 2018

The Freight Transportation Association (FTA), which represents the whole of the UK trade logistics industry, says that its confidence in the UK government’s ability to deliver a “frictionless” Brexit that will “Keep Britain Trading” with the EU is fast collapsing.

Not one of the FTA’s list of eight essentials to “Keep Britain Trading” has progressed, according to FTA Deputy Chief Executive James Hookham.  “Details of whether or not the country will have a transition/implementation period,” he continued, “are still unclear, and there is still no decision on what customs arrangements we will have from March 2019 onwards.” 

The UK government maintains the EU will not impose certain trade roadblocks based on economic interest.  According to Mr. Hookham, “This is a reckless attitude to take and is playing chicken with crucial parts of the British economy and the livelihoods of the seven million Britons in the industry."

BEERG says the "reliance on the other side blinking first is hanging the logistics industry out to dry.  All the evidence is that the other EU member states are recruiting hordes of border officials to enforce their rule book, regardless of the cost to their businesses and consumers.  Expecting economic realism to kick in after 50 years of top-down bureaucracy is a bit of a stretch from UK politicians who have always slammed the EU for its obsession with rules and bureaucracy."

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