BEERG: Brexit Immigration Proposal Would Have Dramatic Impact on UK’s Labor Force and Employers

September 21, 2018

Most EU workers in the UK would not be eligible to work in the country following Brexit if subjected to proposals put forward by the government’s chief migration advisors, analysis by a leading think tank shows. 

“The new proposals from the Migration Advisory Committee would have a dramatic impact on the UK’s labour force and on employers,” said Marley Morris, senior research fellow for the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), which published the report.  She continued, “Our analysis suggests that a large majority of migrants from the EU employed in the UK would not meet the criteria proposed by the MAC.”  The IPPR estimates that around 75 percent of the UK’s current EU workforce would not be eligible were they subject to the proposals.

The Migration Advisory Committee report itself refutes a wide range of negative claims made about the impact of immigration in the run-up to the Brexit referendum, BEERG notes in its Global Labor Newsletter.  The Committee found that the overall impact of migration from the European Economic Area was “small in magnitude when set against other changes,” adding that “migrants have no or little impact” on the employment or unemployment outcomes of the UK-born workforce, and that migration does not force down wages to “any great extent.”

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