BEERG: Automation Could Replace 30 Percent of UK Jobs in 15 Years; Second Brexit Forum Meeting May 16

March 31, 2017

A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers finds that over 10 million UK jobs are at high risk of being replaced by automation within 15 years, with the potential to eliminate half of the jobs available in some sectors.  According to the most recent BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, "2.25 million jobs were at high risk in wholesale and retailing – the sector that employs most people in the UK – and 1.2 million were under threat in manufacturing, 1.1 million in administrative and support services and 950,000 in transport and storage."  Jon Andrews, the head of technology and investments at PwC, said, "What's important is making sure that the potential gains from automation are shared more widely across society and no one gets left behind...Responsible employers need to ensure they encourage flexibility and adaptability in their people so we are all ready for the change."  BEERG also announced that it would hold its second Brexit Forum Meeting in London on May 16.  The meeting is open to all HR Policy members.  If your company wishes to attend, please contact Tom Hayes at