Association Members Offer Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Strategy and Materials on AHPI Webpage

July 14, 2017

HR Policy members offered insights and resources to help fight the opioid abuse epidemic among their employees and their communities as a Congressional committee highlighted the crisis as an "in extremis moment."  Among recommended resources are the HHS Prescription Drug and Heroin Overdose Epidemic page and the CDC Opioid Overdose Homepage.  Numerous companies also gave insights into the actions they have taken to address the problem, including how they have worked with health care providers.  Meanwhile, the epidemic continues to see increased attention in Washington.  Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen linked the crisis to labor issues at a Senate Banking Committee meeting, saying, "I do think it is related to declining labor force participation among prime-age workers.  I don't know if it's causal or if it's a symptom of long-running economic maladies that have affected these communities and particularly affected workers who have seen their job opportunities decline."  The FDA published a working paper, held a two-day workshop to identify the effectiveness of current measures, and announced expanded requirements for prescription opioid manufacturers regarding clinician training.  A House subcommittee held a hearing where Chair Tim Murphy (R-PA) said,  "This is an in extremis moment requiring all the experiences, resources, and cooperation among local, state, and federal governments as well as all the other industries, professionals, and experts to curb this terrible outbreak."  To view the AHPI webpage, click here