AHPI's Henry C. Eickelberg Pens Op-ed on Employer Efforts to Address the Opioid Epidemic

November 17, 2017

AHPI Senior Fellow Henry C. Eickelberg wrote in The Hill this week on steps employers are taking to fight opioid abuse among employees and dependents.  The op-ed, "Combating Opioid Epidemic in the Workplace Starts with the Boss," references a new AHPI paper in which HR Policy members give insight on how they are addressing prescription drug use among their workforces.  One of the most important aspects in addressing opioid dependency, Eickelberg writes, is being able to face and engage on the problem.  Employers are in a unique position to fight the negative social stigma attached to opioid dependency and encourage those who need treatment to seek help.  The paper underscores the fact that employers, health care providers, government, and the pharma community must work together to address this public health crisis.