AHPI CEO Tevi Troy: Look to the Private Sector for Health Care Solutions

August 04, 2017

American Health Policy Institute CEO Tevi Troy coauthored an op-ed in the Washington Post this week explaining how innovation from the private sector, in addition to legislation and regulatory changes, can address issues of rising costs and declining choices in U.S. health care.  Dr. Troy notes that even if Republicans had succeeded in their recent efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act, a "skinny repeal" would not have solved the problems in our system.  The challenges of policymaking in the current environment highlight the need to go beyond government for solutions, which is "bogged down in partisan politics and less concerned with evidence of what works to bring about real payment reform."  Troy writes, "Employer-sponsored plans, which cover the largest share of Americans, can provide guidance on customer satisfaction and the incorporation of new technologies, areas in which government-run plans are often lacking."