Preventative Services

HR Policy Association is concerned that the preventive care services with no cost-sharing mandated by PPACA will continue to be expanded beyond the scope of appropriate services which will result in increased health care costs but will not result in improved health.  Health care costs will continue to increase as the federal agencies impose additional mandates.  While many of these costs will be borne by employers, many will be passed to employees and their dependents.  Employers support preventive care and included substantial benefits in their plans before the health care reform law, but the added cost of requiring these services without consideration of the provider that delivers the service is contrary to the philosophy that employers should be promoting responsible consumerism among their employees.  Many employers currently do this by using value-based designs to create incentives for employees to use of high-value care that takes into account the quality of care and its relative costs and the Association believes that employers should be given the flexibility to continue to use such measures.