Community College to Career Fund

We believe the concept of more closely linking employers with their local community colleges is an important step toward helping workers gain the skills they need to be successful in the workplace.  Community colleges have a proven record of partnering with local employers and unions to help provide important training and education to future and existing workers.   We are pleased to see the President propose this initiative and look forward to helping define and shape it through the legislative process.

These resources are badly needed and we want to make sure they are used with as little duplication as possible.  Therefore, we would recommend this program be harmonized with, rather than duplicate, exemplary technical and craft apprenticeship training programs currently maintained by labor and industry and used to support well established private sector workforce and career development.

While classroom education is critical, we are pleased the proposal also includes resources for paid internships.  We strongly recommend these resources be used to support on-the-job learning programs such as joint labor-management registered apprenticeship and other well established industry programs.