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Executive Compensation

The Association's Center On Executive Compensation is dedicated to developing and promoting principled pay and governance practices and advocating compensation policies that serve the best interests of shareholders and other corporate stakeholders.

Health Care

HRPA/PharmaDirectsm, an initiative of the HR Policy Association's Pharmaceutical Coalition, has chosen Prime Therapeutics, LLC as its pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for the coalition's fully transparent drug purchasing solution. The program offers significant savings in the purchase of drugs to employers, employees, retirees and their dependents.

National Health Access® (NHA®) is an innovative health care program that provides employees and their families who are not eligible for traditional employer sponsored benefits a wide array of comprehensive and competitively priced individual coverage options. NHA is a national solution administered by Kelsey National Corporation on behalf of the HR Policy Association's Health Care Policy Roundtable.

Retiree Health Access® (RHA®) is a pre- and post-65 multi-carrier retail marketplace offering both group and individual products with technologies leveraging health data to deliver tailored products and a consumer experience geared toward driving greater transparency and lowering long-term costs. Designed to offer an array of affordable coverage options, both group and individual guarantee issue, fully insured choices that protect against catastrophic costs and provide comprehensive coverage. This program enables employers to transition the administration of retiree benefits at a comfortable pace, from highly engaged to exiting, ensuring alignment with their retiree benefits strategy.

Workforce Development is an interactive website where HR Policy members offer real-world advice to students and recent graduates with questions about job searching. is a fully functioning job-board created to index and promote all HR Policy members’ jobs for free.

Blueprint for Jobs in the 21st Century: A Vision for a Competitive Human Resource Policy for the American Workforce is a comprehensive report written by America’s chief human resource officers to restore job growth and competitiveness in the United States.

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