The Pharmaceutical Coalition is chaired by Walter M. Oliver, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration, General Dynamics Corporation. The Coalition was formed in 2004 against a backdrop of rapidly rising drug prices and confusing market conditions, a situation that still pervades the marketplace today.

Employers contract with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and health plans to procure a variety of important services, including administering prescription benefit plans, processing and paying claims of plan participants, and managing both mail order and retail drug distribution channels. Complex financial transactions among various stakeholders in the pharmaceutical marketplace, however, adds complexity to ascertaining the true cost of prescription drugs from employers and employees.

To address these issues, the Coalition has pursued a variety of initiatives since 2004, all of which have led to the creation of HRPA/PharmaDirect. The Coalition's pharmaceutical initiative represents an innovative new approach to purchasing prescription drug benefits that is available exclusively to HR Policy members. HRPA/PharmaDirect includes the following features:

  • Clear, Pass-Through Pricing — A fully transparent contract with a PBM that can be utilized by any Association member that assures that the employer will pay for the actual acquisition cost of all drugs without any undisclosed PBM price mark-ups and requires the Coalitions PBM to share 100% of all revenue sources such as rebates with participating employers;
  • All-Inclusive Pricing — omprehensive PBM services including cost control and clinical programs, utilization management initiatives, step therapy programs, case management, disease management and clinical programs included in a single administrative fee; and
  • Deeper Discounts Through a Preferred Network — An exclusive preferred network option available only to PharmaDirect members that offers deeper savings and retail and mail delivery channel neutrality to maximize savings.

This innovative solution is administered by Prime Therapeutics, who has agreed to all of the Coalition's robust contract requirements and serves as the Coalition's exclusive PBM.

If you would like additional information, please contact the Health Care Policy Roundtable at (202) 408-9740, or by email at