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Global HR Harmonization Project

There is a growing need among HR Policy Association companies to expand HR policies and practices across thousands of employees spread throughout hundreds of countries. Many companies have charged directors and vice presidents with the task of creating greater standardization of HR policies to increase efficiency and create more consistent company policies across the globe in order to achieve a common corporate culture. With rapid global expansion, this has become an emerging issue for which many companies find there is little or no institutional memory and mentorship within the company to assist HR professionals in addressing this challenge. The Global HR Harmonization Project is developing resources, including checklists, presentations, surveys, and case studies, to assist Association members in different stages of harmonizing their HR practices. In addition, Project participants will hold quarterly conference calls on topics of interest and receive contact information of other Project participants to exchange information as needed. Interested Association members can contact Dan Yager at or (202) 789-8622 to join the Project.

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