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The Global HR Alliance brings together the HR Policy Association in the United States, The Brussels Employee Relations Group (BEERG) in Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Employee Relations Group in Asia, for the purpose of providing regional expertise, training and networking opportunities to top HR officials at multi-national enterprises.

Through jointly-held regional conferences, labor certification programs, weekly newsletters, and ad-hoc conference calls, the Global Alliance offers both a big-picture overview of key labor relations issues for Chief Human Resource officers, as well as a more focused, country-specific level of detail for regional HR officers and their staff.

Though the alliance comprises three distinct HR organizations with separate memberships, many of the services and meetings each offers are available (often at member rates) for the others – thus expanding the reach of each organization and creating an unparalleled global network of senior-level HR professionals. Read the Alliance’s 2011 year-end review here.

HR Policy

HR Policy Association is the lead public policy organization of chief human resource officers from large employers. The Association brings together HR professionals at the highest level of corporations not simply to discuss changes in public policy, but to lay out a vision and advocate for competitive workplace initiatives that promote job growth and employment security. Read more at:


BEERG is a Brussels-based networking and consultancy group of more than 50 major transnational corporations which focuses on European and global labor relations issues. BEERG is also recognized as one of the leading employer groups specializing in European Works Councils and the BEERG team has been involved in negotiating, or renegotiating, over 100 EWC agreements over the past 20 years. Read more at:


The Asia Pacific Employee Relations Group (APERG) provides a forum for Asia-based senior HR executives at multi-national enterprises to discuss and collaborate on issues of mutual concern. APERG was formed in 2011 at the request of several HR executives with operations in Asia to help manage growing labor and policy challenges across the region. Through regular calls, meetings, and training sessions, the Group has quickly established itself as a key network and resource for HR professionals in Asia. Read more at:

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