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Why Join the Association?

The role of the CHRO is increasingly impacted by external influences, including legislation and regulation changes, and global workforce trends. Having access to timely and actionable information on these issues is essential to success as an HR leader. Additionally, knowledge of emerging trends and current best practices of leading companies are essential inputs for CHROs as they shape their HR strategies and practices. Equally important is the ability to work collaboratively with your peers to shape the direction of these changes in positive ways. Membership in the Association provides unique access to in-depth information on the issues that matter most to CHROs, provides a network for sharing perspectives and experience among the top leaders in the profession, and influencing the direction of human resource policies and practices.

The HR Policy Association consists of over 325 of the largest corporations doing business in the United States and globally. The Association's culture is one that goes beyond simply networking and benchmarking; what brings HR executives to our organization is an interest in working collaboratively with their peers to develop positive solutions to the most difficult problems facing senior corporate human resource officers. Our members are active participants in helping to craft solutions to key HR issues, including workforce development, employer/educator partnerships, executive compensation, health care and retirement reform, global labor and employee relations. These initiatives are in response to the top concerns of CHROs, as captured in our annual survey of the membership.

Above all, CHROs join the Association because our membership is comprised of the most senior and most highly respected human resource executives in the profession.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of joining the Association with one of your peers who is currently an Association member click here and we will arrange a call with a member CHRO in your industry or location.

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