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Chief Human Resource Officer: Impact and Influence

The role of the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) is a key executive leadership position most often reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer and serving as a member of the executive leadership team. The CHRO has significant influence and impact on the success of the company... Read more »

View From the Top

Patrick Wright

Professor Patrick M. Wright examines the changing role of the Chief HR Officer. His bimonthly blogs include discussions of recent data, trends, and the challenges affecting top HR leaders today.

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2013 HR@Moore Survey Results
2012 CAHRS Survey Results

Top CHRO Concerns

  • 71%  Talent management, including recruitment, retention
  • 64%  Executive development and succession
  • 42%  Health plan strategies
  • 41%  Organizational change
  • 37%  Employee engagement

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Key Aspects of the CHRO Role

  • Serving as a trusted advisor to the CEO and the senior leadership team
  • Translating business strategy into a talent strategy for the company; and
  • Helping to drive a performance-based culture that has the capabilities to change and adapt as the business environment and competitive context changes.

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