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Officers and Staff

Jeffrey C. McGuiness
Chief Executive Officer

Daniel V. Yager
President and General Counsel

Charles G. Tharp
Executive Vice President and
CEO, Center on Executive Compensation

Timothy J. Bartl
President, Center On Executive Compensation

Michele A. Carlin
Executive Vice President, Center on Executive Compensation

Dennis Zeleny
Senior Advisor

D. Mark Wilson
Vice President, Health and Employment Policy
Chief Economist

Jaime S. Fall
Vice President, Workforce and Talent Development Policy

Amanda H. Beck
Vice President, Public Affairs

Ani Huang
Vice President, Compensation Practice and Research
Center On Executive Compensation

Roger King
Senior Labor and Employment Counsel

Colleen McHugh
Executive Vice President, Health Care Policy Roundtable LLC

Tom Hayes
Director of European Union and Global Labor Affairs

Amy Lau
Director of Asian Affairs

John Oswalt
Senior Advisor on Global Employment Policy

Steve Gilbert
Senior Advisor on Global HR Affairs

Henry Eickelberg

Alec Wescott
Director, Government Relations

JP Shuster
Assistant General Counsel

Price Williams
Chief of Staff

Natalie Stewart
Director, Membership Services
Administrator, Center On Executive Compensation

Marie Murphy
Director of Creative Design and Publications

Sandy Hughes
Director of Finance

Elise Elliott

Erin McGuiness
Administrator, Health Care Policy Roundtable LLC

Angelo Kostopoulos
Chief Technology Officer

McGuiness and Yager LLP
Counsel to HR Policy Association

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