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Membership Meetings

HR Policy Association conducts two major membership meetings during the year, its annual CHRO Summit in the spring and the Washington Policy Conference in the fall. In addition, there are numerous smaller meetings and conference calls held throughout the calendar year bringing together advisory boards, task forces and other working groups.

CHRO Summit

For more than 40 years, Association members have convened each March for the organization's annual CHRO Summit, the largest assemblage of senior human resource executives from the nation's largest employers. During the Summit, participants hold roundtable discussions of the significant HR policy issues affecting the business community, hear presentations from key policy makers and leading media commentators, review HR Policy Association’s program of work, and set the Association’s priorities for the coming year. The CHRO Summit has become a tradition among the nation’s most senior corporate HR executives, with schedules set years in advance to avoid any conflict with this unique event.


Washington Policy Conference

Each fall, the Association meets in Washington, DC, both to hear from key figures in the U.S. Congress and administration who play a major role in debates over HR legislation and regulatory changes as well as conduct an in-depth review of the membership's progress on its initiatives. These forums provide excellent opportunities to identify significant issues of common concern to senior HR executives and develop collaborative solutions for addressing them. As with the CHRO Summit, the Washington Policy Conference pulls together more than 100 chief human resource officers in one location at one time.


Networking Opportunities

The Association's meetings create unique opportunities for senior HR executives to meet and interact with their peers from a wide cross section of the largest employers doing business in the United States.

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